Office2016 Chinese Version License e, I saw Lu Brother waving the green flag, has gradually dazzling them, the flag issued a glaring glaucoma, so that the bird was more ferocious horror Kau, it seems The other s offensive is about to launch. Han no longer hesitated, hand a move, that steel ring call is heard flying back, in his head a few office2016 Chinese Version License feet at the stop, and began circling non stop. Long , with a light drink, that yellow steel ring to take big, rapid expansion, when the size of the desktop, only to stop the office2016 Chinese Version License huge. Fall , then the steel ring and office2016 Chinese Version License obedient straight down, the Han circle in which, and slowly turn up, forming a layer of giant ring protection. Han did not stop there, gourd put away, that the surface of the new hand shield was sacrificed out of the blue mask is magnified several times in front of him exudes black light, gently floating. As a result, outside the body on the formation of a three layer defense, the outermost of the steel giant ring, the middle is the mysterious iron flying shield, the most inside is the beginning to use the blue mask. Chapter 168 The Battle Part II After all this, Han was calm down, remove the small sword Fu Po.of what is the use Can find the end of the period of the monks do not refining it ah Unexpectedly for me back to office2016 Chinese Version License the wind bowl A violent quarrel office2016 Chinese Version License sounded, came from a booth in office2016 Chinese Version License front. Magic debris This allows everyone to surprise the sound, immediately to the nearby Cultivation who fried the pot, crashing about the stall around the packed. office2016 Chinese Version License You know, magic, but the low level Cultivation who daydream can not imagine things, but now office2016 Chinese Version License even in the Southern Valley there, even if only a fragment, it is also a miracle, so that those who like to smell the smell Cultivation of cats, Heart itching intolerable. Where is it let me see Is this the magic weapon Gee Really beautiful This rags Han because the stalls from the more recent, coupled with the original skill of the original than those who are more agile, so let him grab a good location in the circle, to see everything in front of crystal clear. I saw in front of this booth, stood a twenty seven eight of the man, this man dark skin, hands and feet thick, fierce look at what the farmer thought it was mixed into the field too Valley, but all eyes This guy mana, can not help b.

o feel one or two. Han Li face a smile thicker, that is, to determine the building Kidan is true, that he did not mind to identify other items now, after all, just here had a war, not a long stay, or quickly slip away on. Han s deft to put things back, and then Brother Brother s storage bag carefully hidden possession, only a little rest assured that some can not help but straight from the body, would My windows7 how no task manager process like to stretch a lazy waist. May at this time, suddenly behind the wind sounded, something seems to swoop over, Han surprised, quickly sideways to escape, but suddenly a severe pain at the pubic region, stature suddenly a lag, then the whole person was a Slip creamy woman Dong body, one to strongly clinging to the. Han under the consternation, earned a few, but because the pubic region tingling, coupled with just after World War II, limb weakness, it is not break free. Seeing this scenario, although Han has been faint guessed behind the person, but still could not help but glance back, but the face just turned half, a delicate and beautiful face has been close to the greasy up, not yet Stop kissing with Han Xiang Han li.n, so Han stunned a bit. Han Li An lucky, if not slightly display some small means, then, to pack the first giant centipede really have to spend a lot of hands and feet of the. See Han Fei Jinbo is not very effective, it easily received back. But see the insects have been fatal injuries, but the vitality is too strong, there is still rolling non stop, it seems a moment and a half will not hang up. So a little wrinkled brow, simply shenfa a show, the speed of the head from the Wicked flash, actually office2016 Chinese Version License no longer bear in the beast of life and death, directly along the cave channel back to the stone hall. Stone Hall, that a few strains office2016 Chinese Version License of the purple monkey flower is also safe to stay there, which makes Han full of joy He took out from the storage bag a few pieces of the same size of the jade box placed in the ground, this offering up the knife, with extreme care that purple monkey even under the root of the small pieces of purple stone are cut out together , And then fly with a knife holding the fly back to his hands, but he was carefully placed into the jade box sealed cover. When all the elixirs were picked one by one fin.t of Yin Li look, but then disappeared disappeared The south of the central area, a place full of sand, a man and a woman two cover on the month of the disciples, is a small place, everywhere with the icecap non stop jabbing sand, seems to be looking for what. However, half a day later, still nothing. This slut, Dangdang possession to go there Found her, I must dig her eyeball The female disciple of the long office2016 Chinese Version License enchanting, beautiful flower, but a mouth is Yinhendishulai extremely Of the words, so that men listen to the back to take cold lump. Shimei, or office2016 Chinese Version License forget it From the division of the door agreed time almost, do not go, we must be late Some disciples of the male disciples said, look at the situation seems to be afraid of the Shimei. Blame you this waste, even a tenth floor of the power of the little girl could not see, let her slip under our eyes Pass out, not a joke dead sister and I cover the moon A woman does not listen to the words of the man Fortunately, one heard immediately after the anger pointing to the male student s nose, reprimanded The meal, said that the male disciples face flushed, but helpless loo.

Office2016 Chinese Version License Han Guangda release, a golden Guangcan Chan rectangular objects slowly rise, floating in the air. While the aura of the sky is from the material uploaded to Fu Po Beard, office2016 Chinese Version License face became pale, fear, called up. He even saw the origin of the golden brick. But he did not know, Han was also pale, a look of horror. Because the floating of the object, is hard to extract his body s magic, endless, endless, simply can not stop, great not to Han adult suction dry without posture. Secretly Just bought a dell laptop comes win8.1 system, installed software needs close ... bitter Han, while bitter side, while cursing sell this thing to his Wanbao, This is what Po Po, obviously a terrible vampire However, when the whole body mana was taken a third, Fu Po finally stopped the crazy move, become calm down, control back to the hands of Han. At this time, Han did not hesitate, hand one finger, then Jinbo brick Fu Po immediately lasing out, went straight to the trapped in the dungeon surgery beard, let the stunned face, such as soil, wits. Golden Brick is known for the wind, blink of an eye to become a house so big, above the Aura around, golden radiance, momentum is amazing. When it comes to the head of the beard, the BRI.s of three built Kidan, and a large number of precious drugs with the help of only reluctantly to build the base of success.If she is a close relative to your descendants, probably will not spend so much thought in This woman who, but also see the extent of this woman favored Li Hua Yuan explained to the Han gave. Then After a meal, and sighed and said In fact, the beginning, I did not want to recommend you, but will you call up the seven brothers, after all, regardless of appearance or qualifications, you are better than you Wu Xuan brothers a lot Although I know you Fu Hong Shi Bo right Handsome man some prejudice, but still want to hold the psychological test of luck. Results you should know, you still can not office2016 easy to do, Taobao sold what activation, reliable yet master the martial arts of your Shibo this clearance, although I look at that big Dong Nizi down big Have the consent of the mind. Lihua Yuan finished these, take a look at Wu Hyun, let his face flushed, some know what to do. Han This suddenly realized that the brothers because they had been eliminated, so only his candidates so cold and hostile, it seems that he touches the girl and see the eye of the eye Ho.